Context Matters, Your Sources Too
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How You Can Help Combat Misinformation

1. Think

Always ask yourself:

“Is this information correct?”

2. Check

Always check the source.

Was the story reported by multiple sources?

3. Share

Is the information accurate?

Go ahead and share it!

Fixing misinformation for the sake of democracy

You are what you eat, as they say.  Just as too much junk food can lead to obesity, an overload of junk information can lead to a lack of trust in democratic institutions. So how do we ensure that the information we consume on the Internet every day is accurate and from reliable sources?

The language of ‘fake news’. How and why does it work?

Language is a flexible and dynamic tool for communication. And like any other tool, when misused, language can become a dangerous weapon.

Why do people trust emotions more than facts?

Monitoring the dissemination of facts, and the creation of facts by each other in society is without a doubt crucial for the prevention of misinformation. However, we must also understand the human role in wanting to believe and spread misinformation: it is only natural to seek the affirmation of beliefs.

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