Context Matters, Your Sources Too Read more

How You Can Help Combat Misinformation

1. Think

Always ask yourself:

“Is this information correct?”

2. Check

Always check the source.

Was the story reported by multiple sources?

3. Share

Is the information accurate?

Go ahead and share it!

We develop tools to foster critical thinking for a better-informed society

How does Co-Inform fit in the European Commission’s strategy to shape Europe’s Digital Future?

How does our project, an EU-funded, academic, technology and policy research project, fit into the EC’s multi-faceted digital strategy?

Digital Governments — lessons from COVID-19

Co-Inform has participated in a DG CONNECT & REA roundtable discussion about Digital Governments and COVID-19 and how the pandemic has changed the field of digital government.

Co-Inform has started the Third Round of Co-Creation Workshops

The third round of workshops across Greece, Austria and Sweden has started in June 2020. Citizens and policymakers are evaluating two Co-Inform tools: a plugin and a dashboard. The workshops have been held online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our results
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