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How You Can Help Combat Misinformation

1. Think

Always ask yourself:

“Is this information correct?”

2. Check

Always check the source.

Was the story reported by multiple sources?

3. Share

Is the information accurate?

Go ahead and share it!

We develop tools to foster critical thinking for a better-informed society

Co-inform’s innovative technical solutions to tackle misinformation on social media

We can summarise Co-inform’s core technical solution as a “decentralised, transparent and community-driven misinformation linking system”.

Evaluating the news on social media: truth or lies?

On July 16th the Cyprus University of Technology held a webinar on misinformation and why it spreads online.

Telling stories with data: FactCheckNI session at Global Fact 7

As part of the annual summit of the International Fact-Checking Network, FactCheckNI hosted “Telling Stories with Data” at Global Fact 7, an online session that explored the use of data in news and information presented to the public.

Our results
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