Context Matters, Your Sources Too Read more

How You Can Help Combat Misinformation

1. Think

Always ask yourself:

“Is this information correct?”

2. Check

Always check the source.

Was the story reported by multiple sources?

3. Share

Is the information accurate?

Go ahead and share it!

We develop tools to foster critical thinking for a better-informed society

Co-Inform showcased at the Nordic network Conference on Online disinformation

On the 11 of February the Co-Inform project presented its methods for designing its tools, the plugin and the dashboard at the conference “Online disinformation: an integrated view – #3 An integrated perspective”.

How We Built a Better Solution to the Misinformation Epidemic

Misinformation is not a new issue, but it has been sounding alarm bells due to its steep growth in recent years. Due to the pace of news cycles combined with social media, the information bubbles misinformation creates has increasingly evolved into an ecosystem that thrives with influence from various societal effects.

Co-Inform Plugin: Citizens engage and interact with the tool in evaluation study

During December 2020 and January 2021 we carried out a round of evaluations for the Co-Inform plugin which was developed to aid citizens’ information evaluation practices during their day-to-day encounters with information on Twitter.

Our results
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