Co-Inform Team Gathers In Madrid

Author: Francesca Zuccotti, Digital Marketing & Communications Lead at Scytl

On December 16 -18 2019, Co-Inform multidisciplinary Consortium gathered in Madrid to elaborate on the results of the second round of workshops, which have been successfully carried out in all three pilot countries in November 2019.


The status of the project

All Consortium partners provided updates regarding their contributions into the project, and a live demo session of the current tools took place.

The pilot countries provided feedback on the results of the second round of workshops and focused on the recommendations gathered from the stakeholders for the plugin and the dashboard design.

Plans for the future

The next step is therefore for the Co-Inform team to develop the dashboard based on the user’s needs gathered at the workshops. Our stakeholders in Austria, Greece, and Sweden will then finally be able to test the Co-Inform tools in the third round of workshops, scheduled to take place in mid-2020.

Once stakeholders in the three pilot countries have tested and approved the Co-Inform tools, the Consortium will release the plugin and the dashboard as open-source applications.

Co-Inform mission is to foster critical thinking and digital literacy.

Academic surveys have shown that online misinformation is becoming more difficult to identify. Online misinformation has the potential to deceive even readers with strong literacy skills. Our goal is to provide citizens, journalists, and policymakers with tools to spot ‘fake news’ online, understand how they spread, and obtain access to verified information.

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Co-inform project is co-funded by Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020)
Type of action: RIA (Research and Innovation action)
Proposal number: 770302

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