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Today, more than half the world’s population have access to the Internet, where they can create, propagate, and consume information instantly and globally.

Currently, 28% of time spent online is dedicated to social media. A 2016 survey by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found that 51% of people use social media as their source of news, with Facebook being the top used social media platform for finding, reading, and sharing news.

Social media as the source of news

The European Commission’s “Media use in the European Union” survey in 2015 found that social media is growing as the source of news in Europe, whereas TV, radio and written press are on the decline. This demonstrates the high and rapidly growing impact of online media on perceptions of current affairs and policies. In spite of the rising addiction to rapid consumption of online news information, people and current technologies are yet to adapt to the age of misinformation, where incorrect or misleading information is intentionally or unintentionally spread.

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