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Empowering citizens, journalists and policy-makers with co-created socio-technical solutions

Co-creation is the most adequate method for achieving the right equilibrium between actors and types of solutions against misinformation. By promoting this method, governments have the possibility to promote the interaction between researchers, journalists, private sector, non-profit sector and citizens with minimal intervention.

Co-Inform is about empowering citizens, journalists and policy-makers with co-created socio-technical solutions, to increase resilience to misinformation and to generate more informed behaviours and policies. The aim of Co-Inform is to co-create this solutions with citizens, journalists and policy-makers for:

  • Detecting and combating a variety of misinforming posts and articles on social media;
  • Supporting, persuading and nourishing misinformation-resilient behaviour;
  • Bridging between the public on social media, external fact-checking journalists, and policy-makers;
  • Understanding and predicting which misinforming news and contents are likely to spread across which parts of the network and demographic sectors;
  • Infiltrating echo-chambers on social media to expose confirmation-biased networks to different perceptions and corrective information; and
  • Providing policy-makers with advanced misinformation analysis to support their policy-making processes and validation.

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To achieve the aims of Co-Inform, the consortium will foster co-creational methodologies and practices for engaging stakeholders in combating misinformation posts and news articles, and persuading them to adopt more informed behaviours and perceptions. This process will be assisted by advanced intelligent methods for misinformation detection, misinformation flow prediction, and real-time processing and measurement of crowds’ acceptance or regular of misinformation. Thus, Co-Inform will integrate ICT tools and services and policy encodings to deliver a co-created misinformation resilient platform in the form of:

  • A browser plugin to raise citizens’ awareness of fully or partially misinforming content, of related fact-checking articles and corrective information, of average citizens’ perceptions towards this content, and of key pro and against comment from fellow citizens.
  • A dashboard for fact-checking journalists and policy-makers, showing what misinformation is detected, where it originates from, how and where it spreads and will spread in the near future, what’s the current and predictable public perception, and what are the key comments about it from the public.

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Co-inform project is co-funded by Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020)
Type of action: RIA (Research and Innovation action)
Proposal number: 770302